This is the rubric that will be used to grade each individual project submitted.











Class Presentation
of the journal


Presentation was too brief.  Depiction of historical figure was not believable. All of the basic requirements were minimally  present. Historical figure was believable.
All of the requirements were present and the audience was given a deeper understanding..  Outstanding! It was as if this person was in the room with us.

Supplementary materials (the scrapbook and any other presentation aids.)


Few, if any,  aids were used to give insight into the  historical person. Minimal visual and/or audio aids were used to give depth to the presentation.
The supplementary materials were useful in helping the audience understand the Civil Rights figure presented.  The supplementary materials  showed hard work and exceptional research abilities.

Research Sources


Only one or two sources used from the Web Quest  page and not cited. Two or three sources used and cited from the Web Quest page
Three to four sources used and cited; at least one was found by student outside of Web Quest page Four or more cited sources used with at least two found by student outside of  Web Quest page

Journal entries turned in to instructor 


Not very creative, reads more like a biography or one of the articles linked to the activist on the Web Quest page.  Shows minimal creativity.. Not much filling in of details about the person or the time period in  which they lived. Good details given about the activist and their role in the civil rights movement. Student has a good grasp of their activist and the times they lived in. Outstanding, it's almost as if this activist was speaking  directly through the pages of her/his journal. 
Mechanics of written journal entries


The written work is barely legible due to spelling,  grammar and/or  handwriting. There are 4-5 mistakes that impede comprehension
Minimal mistakes in grammar. Overall, very neat.. Format and mechanics are excellent. Exceeds what is expected at this grade level.