You are to create a diary of a well known figure from the Civil Rights Era. You will have from 4 to 6 entries in which you ARE that person describing what is going on in your life at that time.

To do this you will first have to find a biography of your person as well as accounts of some of the important events of the day that they may have been involved in. You will also need to know something about the other people who were involved in these events with your well known person. You will also need to find some materials such as pictures, drawings, newspaper/magazine articles, video or audio tracks that will aid in your presentation of your figure to the class.

Next, you will present yourself to the class as that person complete with dates, names, pictures and perhaps most importantly, your thoughts and feelings about what is happening to you. You may enlist the help of another student in order to portray your figure in a brief skit as part of your presentation or you may use a video of the time period or an audio clip of your figure speaking or perhaps use an audio clip and have your figure's reaction to it.

Finally, you will turn in your diary - written in the first person - and any pictures or newspaper clippings in the form of a scrapbook.